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  • Dr. Alexa Chillian

What is Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

dr alexa shows the two upper vertebrae to a patient.

Upper cervical chiropractic works exclusively on the upper two vertebrates of the spine: the atlas and the axis. The atlas and the axis are instrumental in regulating the nervous system and the rest of the body.

LIV Chiropractic Center, an upper cervical chiropractor in San Ramon, CA, focuses on the atlas and axis vertebrae. LIV is able to effectively address your concerns and offer preventative care. Book your appointment today to see how LIV can help you restore your health and find balance.

The Atlas and the Axis

While most of the spine is held in place by bone, these two vertebrates are held in place by muscles and ligaments. This gives the cervical spine greater flexibility and a greater range of motion. At the same time, it makes the region more prone to misalignment, injury, and trauma. Because this area is so important to overall health and also so vulnerable, proper cervical spine chiropractic care is essential to holistic wellness.

The Brain Stem Connection

The upper two vertebrates of the spine are closely connected to the brain stem, which is the control center of the nervous system. Because of this close relationship, misalignment of the cervical spine can result in a host of nervous system malfunctions and challenges. Ensuring that the atlas and the axis are in proper alignment can address and prevent disorders of the immune system, the emotional center, hearing, balance, heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, digestion, hormones, posture, and more.

LIV Chiropractic operates on the philosophy that every effect has a cause.

Gentle Upper Cervical Chiropractic Alignments

Because the upper cervical spine is so sensitive, we perform gentle alignments, combined with diagnostic tools and time-tested chiropractic techniques. The alignment involves a series of subtle motions to ease the vertebrates back into place and restore balance to your body. Identifying the root cause of any illness or health challenge, upper cervical can help to promote wellness and often eliminate the need for medications or other invasive treatments.

Restore your balance and improve your health today.

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