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  • Can I crack my own neck?
    No! We would not recommend this to anyone! Chiropractors, especially upper cervical chiropractors, get a doctorate degree along with many certifications to make precise adjustments for our body. Moving our neck to get a “crack” can cause ligaments in the area to stretch and wear down over time. This can cause osteoarthritis (bone arthritis) which is NOT reversible. This means more symptoms may arise like muscle spasms, neck pain, stiffness and aches.
  • I am in a wheelchair, can I be adjusted?
    Yes! Dr. Alexa works with everyone. Her office is inclusive and caters to each and every person.
  • Will I hear any "popping sounds" during my adjustment?
    With upper cervical chiropractic care, the adjustments are gentle. You will not hear an audible pop, snap or crackle. At most, there may be a slight feeling of pressure and soreness that quickly goes away after resting in our zero gravity chair.
  • Why do you check (measure) before and after an adjustment?
    Dr. Alexa uses a Tytron AKA Computerized Infrared Thermography to measure your nervous system. The Tytron is safe, painless, and a reliable test. It measures your body’s infrared heat emitted on your skin. The Tytron does not use radiation or other harmful effects. Dr. Alexa uses this tool to measure the state of your nervous system before and post adjustment. A successful post adjustment will show an improvement in your body’s nervous system — allowing your body to heal more quickly.
  • Why do I need x-rays?
    The x-rays taken by Dr. Alexa are professionally read by a radiologist and are able to determine and confirm the right level of care.
  • Will the adjustment hurt?
    Every single body is different and your body’s tolerance is unique. Our patients have reported feeling tender after an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment. None of our patients have reported feeling pain.
  • Will I see immediate results?
    Immediate results from an adjustment depends on multiple factors such as severity, location, and complexity of any injuries. While, Dr. Alexa strives to see positive changes within 1 to 4 weeks, her top priority is ensuring you receive the best care that is personalized to your health. If your pain has been long term, it may take additional time before your body begins to heal.
  • How long will it take to heal?
    The length of time it takes to heal depends on you, the severity of your injury, your work life balance, and many other factors! Dr. Alexa is truly interested in your health and you can trust her to make honest estimates when it comes to the length of your personalized care plan.
  • Why do I have to rest in a zero gravity chair?
    Resting after an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment is one of the most important aspects of your personalized care plan. Resting in the zero gravity chair gives your body the chance to reset and remember the way everything should be properly positioned and functioning. If you choose to skip the resting period, you run the risk of your body returning to its original stressful state. LIV wants long lasting results, so resting in the chair helps your body achieve longer lasting results.
  • Will I receive an adjustment on my first visit?
    No. Your first appointment is to meet and discuss your medical history, the specific issue you are seeking to heal through upper cervical chiropractic, x-rays and Tytron readings. Your first visit will last approximately an hour. On your second appointment, you will meet Dr. Alexa to review the findings of your x-rays, discuss any needed treatment; as well as, receive an upper cervical adjustment if necessary.
  • Will you twist my neck?
    NO! There is no twisting in Dr. Alexa’s office, just a specific adjustment with C1 or C2.
  • Do I have to follow a plan?
    Dr. Alexa caters to you individually, meaning each patient will have a different goal. In order to get the most optimal care, Dr. Alexa will have recommendations, but those recommendations can change! That is the beauty of the body as some people may heal faster than expected.
  • Will I be adjusted every time?
    Not necessarily. Dr. Alexa’s goal is to help your body heal and adapt, this means you may not be adjusted at every visit! Dr. Alexa’s longest patient was able to go 2 years without adjustments. How cool is that?!
  • Is chiropractic care a commitment?
    As with anything regarding health, it takes time. Depending on your body and how it heals, Dr. Alexa creates a personalized plan that adjusts to how your body heals and your health.
  • Do chiropractic adjustments cause strokes?
    This is a complicated and controversial topic. There are studies showing that chiropractic adjustments are associated with strokes but not a direct causation. The studies, look at a specific type of stroke called Vertebrobasilar or VBS. VBS is an uncommon type of stroke, with a reported population incidence of 0.97 cases per 100,000. In the study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, it was concluded the association was no greater than that associated with visits to primary care physicians.
  • Why do you only adjust C1/C2?
    C1 and C2 are REALLY important as they not only move very uniquely compared to the rest of the spine, they are near a very important area called the brainstem. The brainstem controls everything from sleeping and heart rate to digestion and more! Think of the top two bones of the neck as a breaker box! It houses a lot of information and can help MANY areas. With a precise adjustment, Dr. Alexa has helped digestion, low back pain, mid-back pain, neck pain, migraines, vertigo and other ailments!
  • My doctor thinks chiropractic care is dangerous, is it?
    This is a myth. Chiropractic care can greatly help your body heal, improve mobility and over health. Dr. Alexa believes “it takes a community”, and she works with medical doctors, massage therapists, physical therapists, dietitians and other medical professionals to ensure the right customized care plan is recommended.
  • Can you adjust newborns?
    Yes! Dr. Alexa adjusts many newborns with a precise and light adjustment. Adjustments, especially upper cervical, are extremely safe for all children.
  • Do you take Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA)?
    YES! Dr. Alexa accepts HSA and FSA! She will give you a super-bill as well!
  • Do you take Insurance?
    LIV Chiropractic is an out-of-network chiropractic provider. Dr. Alexa always recommends contacting your insurance provider as every plan is different. She can create Super-bills that have diagnostic codes, prices and patient information for you to submit to your insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

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