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  • Dr. Alexa Chillian

About Dr. Alexa Chilian

Dr. Alexa is an Upper Cervical Chiropractor in San Ramon, CA. If you are wondering if upper cervical is right for you, book a free consultation to find out.

Dr. Alexa Chilian grew up in a small city called Minot, North Dakota. At a young age, Dr. Alexa already knew that she wanted to help people live healthier lives, but hadn’t thought about becoming a chiropractor. While earning her undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry at the University of North Dakota, Dr. Alexa fainted in class and was rushed to the emergency room when she was diagnosed with an idiopathic heart condition. After many tests, diagnostics, and procedures, even a visit with the Mayo Clinic, she was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia. After not receiving much relief with traditional medical treatment, Dr. Alexa decided to take an alternative route and research chiropractic. Through her openness to try something new, specifically upper cervical chiropractic, her life was changed forever. 

Her Mission

Because of Dr. Alexa’s unique health journey, she decided to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa to become a chiropractor. It was there that she decided her mission would be to help those who have not responded to traditional medical treatment. She wanted to share the miraculous results that she herself was able to experience with chiropractic care. After all this time, it is still her belief that no one’s quality of life should be hindered by chronic illness.

Continuing Education

In order to help her patients achieve this level of wellness, Dr. Alexa began to attend (and still continues to do so) seminars to further her education in chiropractic and neurology. She loved being a chiropractor and became fully involved with The Art of the Specific, a group responsible for training an exclusive team of Upper Cervical Specific chiropractors. These individuals have the opportunity to see multifaceted, complex cases and are geared with the capability of empowering their patients with knowledge to further them on their path to wellness. Dr. Alexa also enjoys participating in The Art of the Specific’s Chiropractic Outreach programs, where this dedicated group of chiropractors see thousands of people in an area of need.

Hobbies and Interests

Other than chiropractic, Dr. Alexa is an avid hockey fan and enjoys the taste of nature. If you don’t see her in the office, she is most most likely out discovering downtown San Francisco, the National Parks, or going to the beach. She also has a geeky side and thoroughly enjoys video games and board games.

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Looking for a Chiropractor in San Ramon? Schedule a free evaluation with Dr. Alexa to find out if upper cervical chiropractic care is right for you.

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