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Liv Chiropractic Center is a wellness center run by Dr. Alexa Chilian, which promotes the healing and overall wellness of the body through upper cervical chiropractic care, with a focus on nervous system functioning.


Hailing originally from North Dakota, Alexa is a community builder who takes time to actively listen to her patients and understand their needs. Known to be empathetic, trusting, and giving, Alexa is a helper in her community.

She prizes happiness, loves hockey, and has traveled on numerous mission trips to give back. She is involved in leadership with multiple Chamber of Commerces, referral networking groups, and more.

A proud geek, Alexa is the leader of a group of like minded people called ‘Geekazoids.’ She enjoys traveling, gluten free cuisine, science fiction, the ocean, and watching reruns of The Office with her partner, George, and her two dogs Dobby and Murphy. 


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