Process ( What to expect)

San Ramon Chiropractor

Consultation and Examination

The first thing that you can expect when coming to see us is an in-depth consultation and examination. This will help us to understand your concerns and learn more about you.

Computerized Infrared Thermography

After your initial consultation, we will perform a thermographic scan. This digital infrared scanner is moved along both sides of the vertebrae to detect irritation to the nervous system. This scan will be performed at the beginning of each visit and can help determine the efficacy of treatment.
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San Ramon Chiropractor
Precision X-Ray
If we detect irritation to the nervous system via our thermographic scan, we may take a precision x-ray of the cervical spine. Our high-precision x-ray system can help determine the extent of the misalignment of the upper cervical spine and helps us to get a better picture of the treatment needed.
Precision Adjusting
Once we fully understand the alignment issues to be adjusted, we perform a custom tailored adjustment to the cervical vertebrae. To support the unique anatomy of the upper cervical spine, we utilize specialized tables to allow the spinal column to relax and be best adjusted.
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San Ramon Chiropractor
Post-Adjustment Resting Suite
After an upper cervical spinal adjustment, we encourage rest in our post-adjustment suite. Rest helps patients heal and see results more quickly. Clients enjoy a half hour rest in our post-adjustment resting suite to help the spine absorb the benefits of the cervical adjustment.