Migraines and Headaches

Because of the close proximity between the upper cervical area of the spine and the skull, chiropractic adjustment can help to relieve headaches and migraines. Whether you are a sufferer of chronic migraines or just have occasional headaches, you may benefit from upper cervical chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common ailment. At Liv Chiropractic, we work to determine the source of your pain while treating it. Pain is the body’s signal that something is out of balance. Determining the source of your discomfort allows us to heal the root cause of your pain, restoring holistic wellness to your body from the inside out. 


Numbness in any area of the body generally comes from the root of the nervous system – the spine. By pinpointing the source of your numbness, we can identify the blockage or misalignment at its cause. With a chiropractic realignment of the cervical spine, we can relieve numbness and restore sensation to any part of the body that is affected. 

Sleep Issues and Insomnia

Sleep disorders and insomnia affected by the alignment or misalignment of your cervical spine.  The cervical spine is in close proximity to the brainstem, which is the area of the nervous system that regulates the body’s unconscious functions. One of these is sleep. The brainstem informs your sleep cycles. If undue pressure, due to a misalignment, is being placed on the brain stem, it may have trouble functioning properly. 

By putting the cervical spine back into alignment and relieving the pressure on the brain stem, normal sleeping patterns can be restored. Considering how vital adequate sleep is to total body function, this is an essential benefit of upper cervical chiropractic care.

Fatigue And Energy Levels

The nervous system is largely responsible for our energy levels. With proper chiropractic care, either preventive or curative, you can help ensure that your energy levels remain consistent and healthy. Consistent energy levels allow you to do all of the things that you need to do – as well as all of the things that make life enjoyable for you. 

Mobility Issues and Pain

Often, mobility issues and pain are intertwined. When we experience pain in a part of our body, it often limits our mobility in that area. Of course, when one area is affected by pain or impaired mobility, other parts of the body begin to perform differently in order to over or under compensate. This can lead to widespread mobility issues and pain. 

With upper cervical chiropractic care, we can realign the parts of the spine responsible for the root cause of pain and impaired mobility. This can lead to holistic, full body healing that restores vitality, decreases pain, and increases full body range of motion. 

Neurodevelopmental Issues and Anxiety

The number of cases of anxiety and other neurodevelopmental issues in children, teens, and adults, is on the rise. These issues can be debilitating and impair every type of function in life. 

Like most other mental, emotional, and physical ailments, anxiety and other neurodevelopmental issues are rooted in the nervous system.

Comprehensive upper cervical chiropractic care can not only provide relief for these conditions, but can help heal them at the root. By realigning the upper cervical vertebrae, balance can be restored to the nervous system and brain stem and, thus, to the emotional center of the body.