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  • Dr. Alexa Chillian

Anxiety Relief and Medication

upper cervical chiropractic may help with anxiety relief

Do you ever get that feeling in your stomach for no apparent reason? Or feel that there is an impending doom, which affects your sleep, eating habits and just, in general, your life. You need anxiety relief.

Looking for a Chiropractor in San Ramon? Schedule a free evaluation today to see if upper cervical chiropractic can help relieve your anxiety.

Whenever this happened to me, I ran to the computer, googled my symptoms and literally thought I was going to die. My chest would feel heavy as if I couldn’t inhale, I would get nauseous, and almost feel weakness throughout my body. I felt trapped in time and a minute felt like ten years. This is anxiety that turned into panic attacks. Anxiety comes in many forms. It can feel like that pit in the stomach sensation to breathing changes, and it affects each individual differently. 

Why Do We Get Anxiety? 

Our body is in a fight or flight mode. We just want to survive, but sometimes our body can’t turn off our survival mode! So, we start getting stressed out by the most minuscule things. We begin to change and our brain wants to avoid anything that triggers this survival mode.

What Are Symptoms of Anxiety? 

There are so many symptoms! The list goes on and on, with shortness of breath, impending doom, loss of appetite, an inability to sleep and much, much more!

How to Treat Anxiety?

This question ranges from meditation, chiropractic and medication. We often assume medication is the only route that will truly help, but start to see the effects of these drugs. I know you’re like “WAIT, why is a chiropractor talking about medication? They have no idea!” 

Give Me the Facts!

Studies show that more and more individuals are taking medication, but more and more people are being diagnosed and are still dealing with anxiety. In America, over 40 million people struggle with anxiety. That is a scary number. Also, side note, this doesn’t include depression, PTSD, ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder and etc. New medication is coming out, and yet, not a lot of people are getting any real anxiety relief from it. Not only are people not getting relief, but you can also experience added symptoms, like MORE anxiety, lethargy, nausea, vomiting, and 80% will have a decrease in sexual drive! SO, trying to get any anxiety relief can sometimes cause other issues. 

My History

As a young teenager, I was given Zoloft to help with my anxiety, yet my anxiety persisted along with significant weight loss. I was also one of the unfortunate ones to experience the side affect of SUICIDAL IDEATION. Yes, it is an actual symptom and a terrifying one as well! It took years to feel like myself again without the struggle of crippling anxiety. We often become desensitized about the symptoms and are at a loss as to what to do next when they show up. I get it, I have been there and all I wanted was some sort of relief, but the only anxiety relief I got was understanding my body physiologically and going on a journey to defeat my anxiety. 

I thought medications were my lucky way out, in all honesty, but it turned out it became my biggest crutch, and I became dependent on it. I felt that I NEEDED it in order to succeed in this world as a NORMAL individual, but that isn’t true. There are other options that can help! Living with anxiety is a hard way to live, but I have found ways to not only deal with it, but also increase my threshold of not experiencing it so easily. 


Chiropractic! There is more and more research coming out that says chiropractic care can help with anxiety relief. Significant research is coming out of the woodwork to help us understand depression, anxiety, and more. Many people are starting to go to clinical psychologists who specialize in areas to help YOUR journey. People can also do yoga, meditation, and more! 

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 Do you need anxiety relief? There is hope and there are other options. Contact us today by calling 925-237-1535, or email by clicking here.



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